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Sino IC Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Building 2, NO 351, Guo Shoujing Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
TEL: (86-21) 50278215 / 50278216 / 50278217 / 50278218
FAX: (86-21) 50278219
EMAIL: hualing@sinoictest.com.cn
Business contact window:
TEL: (86-21) 50271583
EMAIL: sales@sinoictest.com.cn
Contact window of security affair:
TEL: (86-21)50278216*319
EMAIL: investor@sinoictest.com.cn
How to get to Sino?

You can take buses of Daqiao line 5 & 6, Zhangjiang loop line and bus No 778 and get off at Juli Road Station of Guo Shoujing Road.
Or take subway line 2 to Zhangjiang High-Tech Station and Jinke Road Station and then get a taxi.

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