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About Sino

Company introduction

Sino IC Technology Co.,Ltd. was found at Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in 2001. As the enterprise specialized in research & development of the integrated circuit testing technique, chip design check analysis and industrial production test service, company is the first nationally encouraged integrated circuit enterprise, high-tech enterprise and Shanghai “Innovative Enterprise”, “Integrated Circuit Testing Public Service Platform” and Shanghai municipal “Integrated Circuit Testing Professional Skill Service Platform” approved and supported by Shanghai municipal science and technology commission, the national ministry of industry and information technology, and ministry of science and technology.  

Company won “Shanghai Municipal Innovative Enterprise” in 2012, “Achievement Award of Ten-years Technology Innovation in Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry” in 2011, “Shanghai Large Scientific Instrument Facility Share Service Advanced Group Award” for continuously two years in 2011 and 2010, and also won “Best Supporting Service Enterprise Award of Ten-year China Core” issued by the national ministry of industry and information technology. Our technical team is composed of a lot of senior technicians engaged in the research and development of the integrated circuit technique for many years; with holding the integrated circuit testing core technique and owning the first-class device, we have set up a domestically advanced integrated circuit testing software and hardware environments and technical service system, and also is  possessed of the independent technological innovation research &development and sustainable development ability; we also provide the design check testing analysis and industrialized production testing service outsourcing for integrated circuit enterprises at Shanghai, home and abroad. Our company has passed the audit of the quality system of Renesas, Fujitsu, SMIC, China resources in China, Hongli, Core Electricity, JCST, Fudan Micro Electronics, and other enterprises.

The company owns more than 4000 square meters of technical development and testing factory building, 1000-grade purifying standard and further more than 100 sets of international main trend advanced testing devices including 45 nm and 12 inches of advanced testing systems; the main technical index reaches: independent digital testing channel of 1024 pin, testing vector depth 128M; our company is configured with a full set of a mixed signal testing device and an integrated RF testing device, possessed of an advanced technical development and industrialization testing software and hardware environment, provided with RF SoC, RFID, information safety, digital communication, high performance digital AV, ultra-large digital integrated circuit, high-speed and high-precision digital-analog hybrid circuit and SIP appliances, the abilities of new material and new structural appliance testing technique development, testing analysis and industrialization testing ability; furthermore, our company also can cover the testing production service for most of integrated circuit product types in China at present.

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