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Testing service

Design of probe card and load panel

Sino IC has own professional technique group and certified partners to design the probe card and the load panel in line with various electrical characteristics for the wafer level testing, package-level testing, and engineering verification testing.



Probe card:

The type includes a chopper needle card, a cantilever epoxy resin probe card (partner), a vertical probe card (partner), a thin film probe card (partner).
The application platform includes Teradyne UltraFLEX / Teradyne J750 / Advantest  T2000 / Verigy V50, etc.
Load panel:

The testing load panel with various purposes of various testing platforms owned by Sino can be autonomously designed.
With more than 28 layers, the designed load panel is a multi-platform testing load panel capable of meeting the transmission line effect.

·Teradyne UltraFLEX

·Teradyne J750

·Advantest T2000

·Verigy V50



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