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Testing service

Development and transformation of testing program

Sino IC has a testing development team with years of experience; the team can provide professional service in the fields of formulating the testing plan, designing a testing clamp, providing a complete testing solution, and promoting analysis of mass production yield.



Development of test program:

Shanghai Sino IC has the development experience in many application fields, such as digital hybrid integrated circuit, ASIC, ASSP, computer chips, communication chips, electricity electronics, radio-frequency transceivers, wireless communications, network, Bluetooth, digital televisions, and cordless telephone.



Support the transformation from EDA simulation waveform (VCD, EVCD, WGL, STIL, etc) to the testing program.

The successfully developed project includes:

·Testing of RF SoC chip within 12 Ghz of carrier frequency

·SoC chip test: information safety, digital AV, communication, etc

·Test of serial data rate 6 Gbps high-speed interface chip

·Massive memory test

·Test of 1 GSPS high-speed ADC chip

·Test of 24 bits high-precision ADC chip

·Test of 0.3, 0.6, 1, 3 and 6 millions of FPGA chips

·Ultra-thin wafer test

·Multi-station parallel test of bumped wafer

·64 sites parallel test

Test program development and transformation platform covers: 【Check 】

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