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Testing service

Measurable product type

Sino IC has accumulated and developed the tests of more than 400 types of product types over the years and most of these products were produced massively.



At present, the measurable product type of Shanghai Sino includes:

The type includes Flash memory-Nor and NAND; Mask-ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, DRAM, SDRAM and a built-in memory chip.

A terminal is applied to mobile phones, digital cameras, digital videos, game controllers, memory modules, MP3 players, smart Cards, personal computers and computer peripheral equipments, etc. 


Logical and hybrid circuit  

The type includes various ASIC circuits, various circuit types of the latest design; the test rate covers 10MHz/1Gbps; the high-speed interface rate is 6.4 Gbps, radio frequency carrier is 12 GHz, and analog bandwidth ranges from 100 Khz to 300 Mhz. 


Programmable logic circuit  

The type includes FPGA, CPLD, GAL, etc. 

Radio frequency circuit  

The type includes all series of circuits of the smart card such as various RFID or encrypted ID and front terminal of the radio frequency within 12 Ghz of the radio-frequency carrier.

The terminal is applied to the solution of a wireless local area network, covering 802.11a/b/g/n, baseband, radio frequency front terminal, radio frequency SOC, and a cellular telephone; radio-frequency transceiver, radio-frequency amplifier, low-noise amplifier, mixer, oscillator, radio-frequency switch, Bluetooth, etc.


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