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Testing service

Reliability experiment and test

Sino IC is worked with partners to provide a perfect chip-level reliability experiment and test services according to the life cycle of the integrated circuit product; we have rich experience and a professional team to provide extremely good service for customers.



It includes the following types according to the test grade:
I. Life test items:  

①Early fail Rate Test

②HTOL/ LTOL:High/ Low Temperature Operating Life

II. Environmental test items: 

PRE-CON, THB, HAST, PCT, TCT, TST, HTST, Solder ability Test, Solder Heat Test
①PRE-CON:Precondition Test
②THB: Temperature Humidity Bias Test
③HAST: Highly Accelerated Stress Test

④PCT: Pressure Cook Test (Autoclave Test
⑤TCT: Temperature Cycling Test

⑥TST: Thermal Shock Test
⑦HTST: High Temperature Storage Life Test

⑧Solder ability Test
⑨SHT Test: Solder Heat Resistivity Test

III. Endurance test items  

Endurance cycling test, Data retention test
①Endurance Cycling Test
②Data Retention Test

Standard for reference:MIT-STD-883
Our service further includes:    

·Test report

·Data retroactivity



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